1. Oh jebus


  2. Jensen in “Blonde”

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  3. I’ve always loved this photo of young Jensen.

    Just look at him. Such a boy!

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  5. 2OO6 / 2O14 | Some things never change.

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  6. Jensen Ackles

    On what advice he would give himself if he could go back to the start of Supernatural and do it all again:
    "Get more sleep. Get more rest. Figure out a way to pace yourself early on because those first several years were just exhausting. When we came back after the writers’ strike I had realized that I’m gonna need to like find a way to pace myself a little better because I was just exhausting myself. And I have. I feel like I even got better because I really kind of sat down and thought about my work ethic, and how I was gonna approach certain things."

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