2. One of my favourites from Vancon. Jensen’s naughty face.

  3. via Elisabeth Harnois’ twitter


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    Episode Titles 10x01 - 10x06

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  5. jenacklesdaily:


    Jensen Ackles, ladies and gentlemen…

  6. fallenangelandpie:

    Um…uh…what was I saying…

    I do not know….

  7. We all know Jensen is an incredibly gorgeous man (inside and out), but this photo! Apart from the arms… The line of his body. The broadness of his shoulders tapering down into slender waist and hips. He is a spectacular shape. Let’s not even talk about this whole boy thing he’s got going on with the backwards cap. He is magnificent. And to top it all off, he’s a sweet and gracious human being.

    Damn him.

  8. Jensen Ackles’ week on twitter. He’s a photo tweeter.

  9. deanwuvzhugz:

    Jensen Ackles at the Malibu Chili Cookoff [x]

  10. Jensen at VanCon 2014

    (photos by me)